Empowering Voices: Must-Watch TED Talks for Female Entrepreneurs

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, where innovation meets determination, the voices of female entrepreneurs have emerged as powerful catalysts for change and progress. In this curated guide “Empowering Voices: 5 Must-Watch TED Talks for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs,” we promise that you will be inspired, educate, and empowered by women who have stood in your shoes and share their advice and insights that can help you in your business.

As we delve into the stories of trailblazing women who have shattered glass ceilings and navigated the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey, this blog post is more than just a list; it’s a celebration of resilience, creativity, and leadership. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned businesswoman, or simply someone seeking a dose of motivation, these TED Talks are selected to resonate with your aspirations and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

Read on to discover the the insights and experiences of some of the most inspiring female leaders in the business world. These talks are not just about business strategies; they’re about life lessons, personal growth, and the unstoppable power of female entrepreneurship.

1) The 3 Secrets of Resilient People by Lucy Hone

This TED Talk by Lucy Horne is absolutely perfect for time we are living in right now. In it, she talks about her 3 strategies for handling anxiety and improving your resilience during tough times. These strategies are also applicable beyond our current situation, and can really help improve your outlook when facing adversity.

In short, the 3 strategies are: 1) Accept that some bad things will inevitably happen in life, 2) Try to focus on things you can control instead of those you can’t, and 3) Ask yourself “Is what I’m doing helping or hindering me?”

These might sound easier said than done, and they are, but the talk is really worth watching if you are looking to take a step back and improve your mental resilience in tough times both in your personal life, and in your business!

2) The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown

Brené has become a household name in recent years, and with good reason. She has some of the best books on leadership and vulnerability, including my personal favorite Daring Greatly.

However, it was her TED Talk on Vulnerability in 2010 that really put Brené on the map for most people. In her talk, she shares her insights from studying vulnerability and how those learnings can apply to all of us.

We recommend you take 20 minutes to watch her talk and let us know what you think!

3) ​A Year Of Saying Yes To Everything by Shonda Rhymes

Have you ever tried to said yes to everything? To push yourself beyond your comfort zone and say yes to things that scared you?

In this TED Talk, Shonda Rhymes, the creator of Greys Anatomy, shares what happened when she experimented with saying yes to everything.

The part of this TED Talk that captivated me the most was the moment when she explains that a dream job is not always a dream and it is still a job. And work doesn’t work without play.

As entrepreneurs reading this post I know that you are aspiring to that dream job, whether that is travelling the world for a living, starting an ecommerce business or selling your knowledge through online courses.

Remember when you achieve it (and I know you will!), it will still be work, so you must also build a dream life around that work by spending meaningful time with your yourself, your family and friends, and saying yes to those experiences as well.

4) How to Build Your Confidence and Inspire It in Others by Brittany Packnett

Have you ever doubted yourself, wondering if you were knowledgeable enough or ready to put yourself out there? Yep, me too.

Self confidence is one of the top struggles we hear almost every day from other women in business. Whether it is being unsure if they should leave their jobs to pursue their side hustle full time, worrying about what their friends or family might think, or simply not feeling if their latest blog post is good enough to hit “publish” on, confidence is an ongoing struggle for most of us.

This TED talk by educator Brittany Packnett tells some great stories on not only building your confidence, but also how to help others find their own confidence. She dives into the 3 components that lead to confidence, with 1) Permission, 2) Community, and 3) Curiosity.

If you are looking for a little confidence boost for your weekend to take that next step in your own life, give this talk a watch.

5) How To Succeed, Get More Sleep by Arianna Huffington

In this hilarious TED Talk, Arianna Huffington shares “A small idea, that can unlock big ideas”.

After fainting from exhaustion, and breaking her cheekbone on her desk, Arianna rediscovered the value of sleep to her own success and creativity, and encourages women to do the same.

She argues we can live a more productive, more inspired, and more joyful life by getting enough sleep instead of bragging about how few hours we slept to present an illusion of productivity.

If you have 4 minutes to spare before you go to sleep give this one a watch!

6) Women in Business, Entirely Unremarkable

In this very interesting and provocative TED Talk, Kirsten Hall raises the question, is it time to stop celebrating women in business, just for being women in business?

Having been a part of several women in business networks, she began to question whether these groups that celebrated women in business may in fact be perpetuating the bias females seek to overcome.

She suggests perhaps we should wind down the idea of women’s groups – and position women in business, female leaders, entrepreneurs and board members as the new normal.

7) The Way We Work (Series)​ by Morra Aarons-Mele’s

TED has put together a series of short form videos called “The Way We Work” with experts to teach you quick tips that can have an immediate impact on your goals.

Best of all, these videos are under 5 minutes each so you can watch them whenever you have a free moment!

In particular, we liked Paco de Leon’s “The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer” and Morra Aarons-Mele’s “3 Steps to Avoid Remote Work Burnout”, but they are all worth a watch!

To Conclude

As we conclude our journey through these empowering TED Talks, it’s evident that the path of female entrepreneurship is as diverse as it is challenging. Each speaker has not only provided invaluable insights into the world of business but also offered a personal testament to the resilience and creativity inherent in successful female entrepreneurs.

These talks serve as a beacon, guiding and inspiring women to not only dream big but also to take actionable steps towards realizing those dreams. Remember, every entrepreneurial journey is unique, yet the underlying message is universal: embrace your vision, harness your strengths, and boldly step into the realm of possibilities. Let the stories of these remarkable women fuel your passion and guide your path as you carve your own niche in the entrepreneurial world.




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