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connecting female founders • fostering collaboration • inspiring innovation • accelerating business growth • connecting female founders • fostering collaboration • inspiring innovation • accelerating business growth • connecting female founders • fostering collaboration • inspiring innovation • accelerating business growth • connecting female founders • fostering collaboration • inspiring innovation • accelerating business growth • connecting female founders • fostering collaboration • inspiring innovation •    


Grow your business with expert led trainings, weekly office hours, co-working sessions, and The Founder House preferred vendor list  



Access to in-person events, weekend workshops, and members-only dinners across the UK to network with fellow female entrepreneurs



Join a supportive digital community of UK female founders offering helpful advice, personal experiences, and collaborative opportunities



Meet with a select group of female entrepreneurs in a mastermind circle for sharing strategies and insights to drive your business growth


Inside The Founder House


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The Founder House is right for you if you are: 

A female founder based in the United Kingdom 

Ready to share and gain business insights in a collaborative environment

Looking for resources and expert advice specific to scale your business

Seeking a community that values collective wisdom and individual growth

Passionate about contributing to a community that uplifts and empowers women in business

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Inside The Founder House You Will Get Access To These Benefits and More

Signature Masterminds

As a member of The Founder House, you'll gain exclusive access to our signature offering: a carefully curated Mastermind group, consisting of 4 to 5 accomplished UK female founders. Mastermind groups are at the core of The Founder House and are the only required part of your membership.

Each group is matched based on your business objectives and stages of growth. Each member of your Mastermind group brings a unique set of business experiences, insights, and constructive feedback, all aimed at driving your business forward.

Think of this group as your personal board of advisors who are as invested in your success as much as their own.

Your Mastermind group meets virtually for 90 minutes twice a month. Between meetings, your group enjoys its own dedicated virtual space within The Founder House digital community for ongoing collaboration, resource sharing, and support.

Meetings are structured by an experienced facilitator to help your group stay focused on the highest-impact discussions.

You will leave each session with actionable strategies tailored to your business, along with clarity on your focus areas before the next meeting.

Digital Community

You will receive immediate access to The Founder House digital community when you sign up.

The Founder House community is an interactive space where you can ask questions, make new connections, and collaborate with fellow UK female founders who truly understand your journey.

Need urgent advice on hiring, contract negotiations, or funding? Someone in the community has been there, done that, and is ready to share their advice. Post your question in one of the organized topics or share your advice on your area of expertise.

Browse the members-only directory or join one of the fun virtual networking events to find your next founder friend.

You'll also never miss a thing with the exclusive “Founder House Members” weekly newsletter, packed with the latest community activity, introductions to new members, and newly added educational resources.

In-Person Events

Your Founder House membership opens the door to exclusive in-person events across the UK. These events range from networking gatherings and members-only dinners to weekend workshops and more, each designed to enrich your entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with fellow members at our 'Sip and Scale' networking meetups and get expert advice at our speaker events hosted by industry experts. Here you can share experiences, gain different perspectives, and build lasting relationships with women who understand your path and can offer practical, real-world support.

As a Founder House member, you’ll also enjoy priority access to our weekend workshops and business retreats, along with exclusive members-only discounts.


Joining The Founder House gives you access to essential resources to streamline your business operations.

Enjoy weekly live office hours with Rebecca and fellow members for feedback and insights, and immerse yourself in our virtual co-working sessions for a community feel as you work.

Monthly Expert Insights sessions feature live talks with industry leaders covering topics specially tailored for UK founders. And if you can't make it live, all sessions are stored in our digital library, so you're always just a click away from valuable insights.

Plus, our curated Preferred Vendor List simplifies finding trusted vendors and service providers.

SIGN UP to BE notified when enrolment opens

Sign up to be notified when enrollment opens

Two 90-minute Mastermind group meetings every month

Included with your membership

Weekly live office hours with Rebecca and other members

Weekly virtual co-working sessions 

Monthly virtual expert speaker events

Access to members-only discussion forums

Weekly newsletter exclusively for members

Access to the Founder House Preferred Vendor List

Early access to weekend workshops and business retreats

A supportive community of UK female founders like you!

Get access to:

Invitations to in-person networking events around the UK

Our philosophy and community is built on a deep belief  in the power of collective wisdom and that the most enduring successes are those we achieve together.


in the next stage of your business

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12 Month Commitment

All memberships are an annual commitment and will begin at the start of your Mastermind Cohort. Memberships will be auto-renewed every 12 months.

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